Choose the Right Kind of Driveway Gates for Your Home

Gates are an important part of the entire house set up. They are not only the doorway to your home but also are safety tools for the inhabitants. Driveway gates are the ones which are found right on the entrance of the house through which you have to enter when you wish to enter a house. These gates can be huge or they can be average in size depending on the house. The double swinger driveway gates are even better and more useful. However, there are certain points to be kept in mind while buying driveway gates.

Firstly, driveway gates serve as the main entrance gates and hence should be made of quality wood which is able to withstand natural calamities. As these gates serve as the doorway to your home, these should also be able to provide the much required security for your home. Driveway gates Therefore, it is good to purchase hardwood gates for the driveway.

Softwood gates might not be durable enough and may not be able to withstand any kind of natural calamity. Hence, hardwood gates are more preferable than softwood ones when it comes to gates at the driveway. The wood with which the driveway gate is made must be decay resistant otherwise you will have to replace it quickly.

The expensive driveway gates need to be taken care of. However, it is better to buy such gates from a reputed manufacturer because the cheap ones from an ordinary manufacturer may cause damage. Better gates provide protection against sagging which is essential.

When you decide to purchase such gates, you must see that the gate should have 3 horizontal rails if it is a tall gate. The outside rectangular frame consists of vertical frame rails which function as support for the entire frame. Placing such a strong gate on the driveway will provide security for several years. A diagonal brace aids in delaying the sag and should make the gate stronger so that it is able to serve the purpose for long. Using longer bolts to fix hinges to the posts help in making the gate strong and resist violent storms. This is a winner technique which has been proven time and again.

Driveway gates need more care since they are exposed to the atmosphere. The wood might warp, cracks might be formed and sun’s rays can cause bleaching. Care should be taken to save them from weathering away. Water-repellent preservatives are applied to reduce mildew infection and for slow greying. Bleaching oil stains are utilized to simulate natural weathering at a quicker rate. Once the wood begins to darken, reapplication is done. Exterior paints are extremely useful in reducing weathering of wood and in turn the gates as well.

Choose the Right Kind of Driveway Gates for Your Home

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